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The true definition of selfless love is satisfactorily understood the moment one steps into the wonderful world of parenthood. Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide to have your heart go walking around day and night, outside of your body.

No other moment brings more joy to a woman than the one when she realises that she is going to be a mother. That moment gives rise to feelings, dreams, and hopes which will later reflect the bosom of the entire family. It is that moment when a mother is truly born.

Let’s take a stroll in Juhi’ s garden of thoughts while she was proudly flaunting her baby bump during the shoot!

“ I couldn’t hold back my tears of joy the moment I realised I am pregnant with you. And now when the most awaited moment is about to arrive, I still can’t help but feel flooded with emotions every single day. Just the thought of you makes me want to be a better person every day and keep you protected. Honestly, I didn’t think that I could love someone this much but to my surprise, my love for you only intensified to immeasurable extents each day.”

“ Your dad argues that the first word you’ll ever utter has to be ‘dad’ but little does he know that it will be ‘mum’. Hehe.

You know, when I told him about you, he, just like me, couldn’t even comprehend how to react. One moment he was speechless and the next, jumping out of joy. He might not say it more often but I need you to know that he has never loved and felt protected towards anyone as much as he does for you. He, at times, keeps looking at you without saying a word but his gestures and eyes filled with so much warmth and love never go unseen.”

“He was talking to you in this picture and was telling you that he is your dad. I laughed and told him that you already know being the smart kid that you are. Your dad then blushed and told me that he knows but just in case.

And I laughed harder while he blushed harder!”

“ With you growing tremendously, I was simultaneously gaining weight and then the phase came when I couldn’t fit in any of my clothes. I felt sad at times due to that but the very next second, your dad being the amazing husband that he is never failed to make me feel beautiful. He would tell me multiple times a day that I looked beautiful and he couldn’t take his eyes off me! That made me feel so much better and also the fact that I could shop as much as I wanted and he wouldn’t say a word to me! Haha.”

“I've always loved outdoors and strolling in the midst of nature and just like your momma, you also like it. You know the perks of being a mother, you just know what your child wants! And this is the reason why I decided to get my first maternity shoot done in the outdoors and I couldn't be any happier about that decision.”

“They say that a child looks like their parents. The funny part is that your dad wants you to look like me and I wish you to look like him! We sometimes even argue about that but our family and friends just laugh it off and say that ‘you are soon going to find out’!

About that, it’s not just the two of us who are eagerly waiting for you, in fact, our family and friends couldn’t wait either to welcome you to this wonderful world”.

“Your dad was concerned about me feeling tired and worn out yet due to my happiness and after some emotional blackmail (haha), agreed for the outdoor shoot which I feel even he loved!

Not just this but he has been constantly handling my mood swings and cravings at ungodly hours! And the best part is that he never complains!”

“I’ ll tell you a secret here, for your dad and me, you are our world, centre of the universe and we love you to the moon and back and always will may what happen. So now when you read this, I want you to know that we would always want the best for you and support you through thick and thin. Can’t wait any longer for you to step into this magnificent world and hold my hand with your tiny little fingers.”

Capturing happiness through the art of photography fills me with immense pleasure and gratification.

I reckon that the smile of a child, selfless love of a mother, joy of a father and togetherness of a family is what makes a family album complete, and this is what I wish to deliver through every picture I click. For me, my work is not only my passion but also a source of contentment and happiness. And photographing you Juhi, made me never want to stop.

The tenderness between you and your husband left me swooning. Capturing the chemistry between the two of you was so effortless.

I wish you a happy and healthy child and all the love and happiness in the entire world!