My Story

Coming from a corporate world, it was a brave call for me to switch to a completely different field and pursue my dream of being a photographer. Choosing a different field after serving eight years in the corporate sector might appear very strange to a few.

However, people passionate about their art will be able to relate with me and be able to connect to the reason why I took such a call. Photography is not just my passion but it has been in my bloods since the beginning. I feel that it is something I have inherited from my father and something where all my heart is.

This desire and passion for photography was developed inside me when I was five years old. Watching my father always busy with his cameras and being his subject on the weekends for creative photo sessions created a great interest for photography inside me. It used to be my favourite time that I spent with my dad.

The golden days that I will never forget. I really feel blessed that the old TLRs and SLRs, which I used to play with as a kid, have now become an antique reserves and I am just upgrading these toys from TLRs to SLRs and now DSLRs.


My father Lt. Shri Jagdish Rajora was a well-known portrait photographer of his era who started his career in photography in the 1960s.

Carrying out his legacy was my dream and to reach there I have spent a great amount of time alongside my job learning the art of photography from basics to advance and after years when I realized that now I should take the call to go into it full time. I did not hesitate.

Here I am now pursuing my dreams for the last seven years as a professional wedding, maternity, and kids’ photographer.